Do you know that TNO Pension Fund is also there for you at such times? We would like to tell you more, because your pension scheme offers more than just income for later.

It can happen to anyone: for example when you are sick with a burn-out. If you are sick, we ensure that you continue to accrue a pension. Your income is also supplemented up to 70% (supplementary work disability pension). Should you die, then your partner will receive a benefit from TNO Pension Fund (partner’s pension). In this way, we take care of each other at times when we face financial challenges. Of course, a number of agreements apply.

New: short video with explanation

In order to easily explain how work disability pension works, we have made a short video (3.5 minutes). In the explanation, we first look at the initial two years and then at the period after that. Under the law, your employer will no longer pay your salary if you are still sick after two years. TNO Pension Fund is there for you, both during the first two years and afterwards. Would you like to know how? Watch the video. Then read the extra questions and, most importantly, contact us if you would like to know more about the work disability pension. Or for more information, read about the scheme on the website.

The pension scheme of TNO Pension Fund also covers risks relating to work disability and death.

Extra questions


Are you planning to work fewer hours because it is better for your health? If you do so at your own initiative and your disability percentage does not increase, the pension accrual with TNO Pension Fund is adjusted proportionally downwards because you are working fewer hours.


Do you qualify for a WIA benefit after two years of illness and is it awarded? As soon as you receive your WIA decision, send it to our pension administrator AZL. AZL can then set everything in motion. We also receive an automatic notification from the UWV, but that is only afterwards. You will then receive a supplement, if any, from the TNO Pension Fund with retroactive effect.


If your WIA percentage changes... Then please let us know. If your WIA percentage goes down, so does your work disability pension.


If your work disability percentage or WIA benefit increases... Then your work disability pension will also increase while you are still employed.


Do you participate voluntarily in the supplementary pension scheme? TNO Pension Fund will not take over this contribution. If you are not 100% sick, you can still accrue extra or net pension for the hours you are still working. That will decrease. If you want to supplement your pension, see what other options are available; you can also supplement your pension yourself.


Do you have a mortgage? You may have duplicate insurances for disability and death via your mortgage, because this is also provided for in the pension scheme of TNO Pension Fund. It is useful to check this.


Are you leaving the company? Any supplementary work disability pension and pension accrual will continue.


Planning to retire soon? Then your disability pension stops, as does your pension accrual; this is because you will receive an old-age pension from this time. And please note: if you partially retire, this is in fact the same as resigning; you are not entitled to unemployment benefits. Therefore, if you partially retire, your WIA benefit will also lapse.


Are you receiving duplicate statements? If you receive a work disability pension, you will receive a separate pension statement. This means that you will receive a statement of your work disability pension and a statement of the pension you are still accruing.