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Despite the coronavirus crisis, we still achieved positive results. Against the background of everything that happened in 2020, this is certainly a result we can be satisfied with. It means that we do not need to implement cutbacks. However, the result in 2020 was - unfortunately - not enough to index the pensions and the new contribution agreement is an austerity measure for the pension scheme.

We can imagine that this raises questions. After all, the return of 8.8% and an increased equity seem okay. Nevertheless, this is the case although it is quite complex to explain. It has to do with the coverage ratio. In order to guarantee the pensions of current and future members, we require a lot of capital. Because of the low interest rates, we require even more. These are the statutory calculation rules of the current pension system. Read more about this in the review of 2020 in the news of TNO Pension Fund.

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